Thursday, September 8, 2011


Subject 1 meeting Superman for the first time. and Superman's not happy that there's a Project Superman.

Countdown Arena

An awesome 4 issue mini  Spinning off of Countdown, the series features Monarch (Nathaniel Adam) as he organizes battles among various characters from the 52 Earths of the Multiverse. He then adds those he deems worthy to his army, in preparation for a battle against the Monitors. Monarch seeks to build a powerful strike team, specifically it seeks powerful alternates for SupermanBatmanWonder WomanGreen Lanternthe FlashBlue BeetleNightshadeStarman, and the Ray to compose the squad. Written by Keith Champagne with art by Scott McDaniel with covers by Andy Kubert.

Team Coco

                                    The Flaming C! Variation of ALL NEW Action Comics #1.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Kingdom X

The Amalgam of Kingdom Come and Earth X. This is the distopian future of the Amalgam Universe.